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 Involved Organizations

What is our mission regarding the NDCs

Get involved and be part of our initiative

 that's why
we want to come
to address

biggest emitters


have been submitted


and those that are are nowhere near ambitious enough!

at the moment
not even all

a climate-just future needs ambitious and fair ndcs!

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Capacity Building

At the beginning, we want to bring everyone up to speed and go through a capacity building together. This way we are all on the same level for the analysis of the NDCs.

NDC Analysis

Our goal is to analyse the NDCs of the biggest emitters. Based on this analysis, we then call for changes and tightening so that fair and ambitious NDCs form the basis for a climate-just future.  

Call to Action

Together we want to be loud and demand change. The future must be shaped in a climate-just way and Climate Justice must be anchored in the NDCs of the biggest emitter countries!

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Get involved!

Join us and rise up for ambitious NDCs togehter with youth from all around the world