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Arpit Mehra

Analysis, Logistics, Coordination, Members

Arpit studied computer science and engineering. He is very enthusiastic. His topics are sustainable ecomnomic development and zero emissions.

Hannah Springer

Overall Coordination, Public Relations

Hannah studied political science and is advocating in the Youth-NGO Klimadelegation for a youth perspective in international climate policy.

Johanna Zabel

Overall Coordination, Members

Johanna is studying environmental science and politics. She is commited to bring youth voices into international climate politics. Important to her is the topic on climate justice and how to bring in diverse knowledge.

Pia Jorks

Overall Coordination, NDC Analysis, Finance

Pia studied political science & economics. Her topics are ambition raising, human rights & resilience. For her, cooperation is key to climate justice.

Tara Nuria Wondratschke

Public Relations

Tara has been advocating against climate change for years and is studying sociology. Finding out how to rethink and change behavior is her current goal.

Zi Han Xuan

Overall Coordination, Lobbying

Zi Han studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. As a sustainability advocate, his interests lie in the intersections of climate, migration, and security.

Elizabeth Gulugulu

Capacity Building

Elizabeth Gulugulu is a dedicated environmentalist, She is an MSc candidate in Biodiversity Conservation who is highly experienced in youth mobilization.

Jafreen Alamgir

Members, Capacity Building, NDC analysis

Jafreen is studing in economics. Her topics of interest are climate change, energy sector, and policybuilding.

Luisa Sandkühler

Capacity Building

Luisa studies physics and is passionate about effective climate action and climate justice.

Romie Niedermayer

Members, Logistics

Romie is writing her A-Levels and is committed to climate education and climate justice.

Tasnim Hemmadeh

Public Relations, NDC Analysis, Capacity Building

Tasnim studied electrical engineering and is working with civil society and is passionate about climate justice and entrepreneurship for climate change.

Gereon tho Pesch

Public Relations

Gereon studies Geography and Economics and is passinate about sustainable transport and climate justice.

Jatinderpal Singh

Finance, Coordination, Public Relations

I am a undergraduate chemical engineer. I would like to work for mother earth and development of human.

Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

NDC Analysis

Rahman is a Researcher and Climate Change & Policy Advocate based in Bangladesh and affiliated to Lancaster University, UK as a PhD Student in Sociology.

Serena Bashal

Capacity Building

Serena studied Mathematics and Biology in the UK, and is a youth climate advocate in the local, national and UN space.

Valentina Ruiz

NDC Analysis, Public Relations

Valentina studied International Relations with focus on sustainability. She's interested in climate justice, intersectionality and international cooperation.